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IT is a critical tool of your business; it makes your people productive, it streamlines processes and it holds the data that your business is dependent on. OIS offers guidance and support for every single product and service option available Read More



Providing companies with solutions to improve application performance experience and surmount all network bottlenecks, As enterprises expand or relocate to other geographical locations, efficiency and efficacy likened to those at headquarters are nonetheless valued. However, these needs are often unmet Read More


OIS offers comprehensive product portfolio with an infrastructure roadmap to implement a safe and secure intelligent information network to businesses of all sizes. Take advantage of OIS’s networking expertise to help your company compete.



Providing companies the right tools to control, identify and monitor traffic trends and threats in your network, Visibility gives you control and allow you to identify and monitor traffic in your network. With reports, you can clearly identify trends and Read More


Providing enterprises with reliable best of breed integrated security solutions, As technology advances, enterprises require reliable protection from potential security threats. OIS takes pride in providing enterprises with the best breed of products with security capabilities.